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Southern District Signature Project Scheme

Southern District Signature Project Scheme
Project Information
The Chief Executive introduced the Signature Project Scheme in his 2013 Policy Address.  Under the Scheme, a one-off provision of $100 million will be earmarked for each District Council to support implementation of one to two Signature Projects which can highlight the characteristics of the district or address local needs with a visible and lasting impact.

After detailed discussion, the Focus Group on Southern District Signature Projects of Southern District Council suggests adopting: (1) “Provision of Ophthalmic Examination Service” and (2) “Provision of Shuttle Bus / Rehabilitation Bus Services” as the Southern District Signature Projects.  Details can be found in the following publicity leaflet.  The period of the second stage public consultation is from 1 October 2017 to 25 October 2017.

The 2nd Stage Public Consultation – Animation

Public Consultation-Pamphlet: [PDF file]


Southern District Signature Project Scheme
Public Consultation (1 October 2017 to 25 October 2017)
Southern District Council (SDC) is now launching a public consultation on the eligible proposals.  Details are as follows:
Project Name Description
(1) Ophthalmic examination service Under this project, a one-off ophthalmic examination and consultation service will be provided for the Southern District residents aged 50 or above free of charge by qualified ophthalmologists and optometrists, with ophthalmic examination reports and a referral letter for specialist service (if necessary).  Examination items include general eye examination procedure and relevant tests conducted to diagnose common eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, macular retinal degeneration.  The 5-year service will benefit about 25 000 local residents in the district.  
Ophthalmic examination service – Gist of Proposal
Project Name Description
(2) Shuttle bus / rehabilitation bus services This project will provide shuttle bus / rehabilitation bus services travelling to and from public hospitals in the Southern District for the Southern District residents with impaired mobility so as to solve their transportation problems as well as offering them an alternative choice of transportation.  Depending on the actual circumstances, the Focus Group proposed that various service routes be launched for operation in phases for the benefit of the majority of the Southern District residents in need.  The project will run for about 5 years. 
Shuttle bus / rehabilitation bus services– Gist of Proposal

To ensure that the Signature Projects are able to address the needs of Southern District residents, members of the public are invited to put forward their views and suggestions and send it to the Southern District Council Secretariat by mail or email before 25 October 2017.
Address: 1/F., Ocean Court, 3 Aberdeen Praya Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong.

Enquiries: Telephone Number : 2814 5826
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